A Day in the Life. . .

All I had, was a first name and an old phone number. . .

Last week, I was given a first name, Tiffany

(not her name, but it was a common one) and a phone number.  That’s it!  She was a witness in a case I am working on.  In my world, we usually just show up at the door and don’t call ahead.


I needed her address…

As a Private Investigator, I have access to a huge database.  This digital warehouse gathers information from multiple sources.  If you pay a bill, have a car, operate a business, have a certification in something, commit crimes, live in a house. . .  I can probably find you!  Kinda scary and creepy!  But a powerful tool, nonetheless!

I found her, with just a common first name and an old phone number!  She was a wealth of information.  She was not good for the client’s case, but I was able to uncover some potential surprises.  Mission Accomplished!  I cannot predict or guarantee outcomes, I just follow the facts!

Author: WhiteChocolateNinja

Ex-Cop, Ex-Roughneck, Ex-Florist, Ex-Realtor, Ex-Insurance/Financial Products Guy, Ex-Powder Monkey, I finally grew up and now am a Private Investigator.

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