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We are a Private Investigation and Legal Process Serving Firm offering investigative and security services to attorneys, businesses, non-profits and individuals.

Sometimes we are sly, sneaky and stealthy.Sometimes we use online, world-class, research software.

Sometimes we use old fashioned Sherlock Holmes style techniques.

Sometimes we use high tech tools.

We are always professional!

We always strive to give you the best value possible.  While we can not control outcomes, we can verify facts, document activity, and communicate well all along the way.

WCN Investigations & Consulting – Call us! 541-480-7950

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Author: WhiteChocolateNinja

Ex-Cop, Ex-Roughneck, Ex-Florist, Ex-Realtor, Ex-Insurance/Financial Products Guy, Ex-Powder Monkey, I finally grew up and now am a Private Investigator.

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