We are a Private Investigations and Consulting firm.  We operate out of Bend, Oregon, serving all of Oregon, with the focus on Central Oregon (Deschutes, Crook and Jefferson Counties).  We have a small team of  male and female investigators.

We don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we take our work very seriously.

Since we started in 2017, we have worked on the following cases:

  • 107 Assaults
  • 22 DUII
  • 3 Embezzlements
  • 3 Kidnapping
  • 24 Trespass/Stalking/Restraining Order
  • 13 Drug related Crimes
  • 8 Manslaughter/Murder
  • 89 Sex Abuse/Rape
  • 3 Robbery
  • 43 Theft/Property Crimes
  • 27 Weapons Related Crimes
  • 2 Animal Abuse
  • 36 Disorderly/Menacing/Harassment
  • 2 Sexual Harassment, work place, civil
  • 14 Probate/Lost Heirs
  • 13 Surveillance Cases – Family and Insurance Cases

Lead Investigator is Thad Higgins.  The following, is a snapshot of his background.

  • 17 years of local Law Enforcement
    • FTO (Field Training Officer)
    • Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor
  • 4 years Juvenile Transporter – Logistics, tactics and muscle for families needing to transport troubled teens to therapeutic boarding schools, wilderness programs, and rehabs, around United States.
  • Varied experience, from Law Enforcement, Roughneck(oil rig) to Real Estate, Insurance, Heavy Construction, Explosives to  Investments.
  • Occasional Blogger
  • Dabbled in Anti-Human Trafficking efforts, street level and online surveillance/research
  • Years of volunteer service with kids and orphanages
  • Designed and implemented Security Team protocols for a large church
  • He thinks he is funny, laughs at his own jokes, tries not to notice the eye rolls from those around him.

WCN Investigations & Consulting, LLC operates with the highest level of professionalism and discretion.   We find facts, we discover and eliminate  surprises, we uncover fraud, we keep secrets, we are students of our trade, we work tenaciously for you!

Our Team – Yes, we have a small team, real people, who live and work in Central Oregon.

  • Thad – He is the leader of this team… and his goal has always been to bring on team members who are better and smarter than he is… He figures THAT is the smartest thing he can do!
  • Jacki – A class act, with years of experience investigating real estate related cases.  She is highly detail oriented and loves to dig into research projects.
  • Kellie – TONS of experience with high conflict family law cases.  She is an excellent interviewer and her reports are top notch.
  • Cassidy – Years of paralegal and investigative experience.  She is a tremendous negotiator and our Civil Compromise go to.  Not to mention, she is an incredible people person.
  • Damien – Our newest team member.  Damien is a tech wizard, and has shown himself to be intuitive beyond expectations.

We used to have pictures of the team on this site… but sometimes we have to do sneaky sneaky, top secret squirrel stuff, so we took the pics down.  Sorry!  Your loss, we are a good looking bunch!

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