Services and Rates

We offer services in a couple, related fields – Investigations, Legal Process Service & Field Services.


  • Surveillance/Mobile Surveillance
    • $95/hour – 2 hour minimum, plus $.75/mile, plus expenses
    • $1,000 to $3,000 initial retainer required – depending on scope
    • Typical Cases
      • Insurance Fraud – “My employee is “injured,” but I heard he is skiing today!”
      • Custody Issues – “What is the ex doing with the kids?”
      • Custody Issues – “I think my ex is selling drugs!”  Or another recent one – “I think my ex-wife is leaving the kids home and selling herself!”
      • Alimony Termination/Prenuptial Agreement violation – “My wife is co-habitating and is no longer entitled to all this money!”  OR “My husband is having an affair, triggering  “prenup” conditions.”
    • In nearly every case, it takes more time than expected to be in the right time at the right place, observing/recording the precise thing you wish to be documented.
    • We have powerful Zoom lens cameras, different vehicles, male/female PI’s – so we can mix it up!
  • Criminal Defense Investigations
    • $85/hour + expenses –  plus $.75/mile
      • Usually, these cases are initiated by your attorney.
  • Workplace Harassment/Sexual Harassment Internal Investigations
    • High Level of Discretion.
    • We utilize male and female investigators.
    • These investigations start at $1,750.  Pricing depends on number of people involved, number of required interviews, length of time alleged harassment has been occurring.
  • Background Screening
    • $30 to $2,000+ – Dependent on level of screening
    • Pre-Employment
      •  Government
      • Private Business
    • Non-Profits – staff and volunteers
    • Renters/Tenants
      • Maybe you don’t want a felon renting your asset.
      • You don’t want the liability of a new tenant who is a registered sex offender… if you have other tenants with children!
    • Your Reason…
  • Skip Tracing
    • Locating Elusive Debtors
    • Finding Absentee Property Owners
    • Finding long lost family and friends
    • Difficult Process Serving

Legal Process Service

  • Bend Area                                   $65 first 3 attempts,  $35/each following attempt
  • Redmond                                    $75 first 2 attempts,  $50/each following attempt
  • Sunriver/LaPine/Terrebonne         $85 first attempt, $65/each following attempt
  • Madras/Prineville                     $90 attempt,  $70/each following attempt
  • Rush Service 24        add $35
  • Same Day                                         add $40
  • Stakeout Service                          $95/hour, including drive time to/from address

Field Services (Central Oregon Area)

  • Fingerprint Cards
    • $20/card + travel fee ($20 minimum travel fee)
  • DNA Specimen Collection – Coming Soon
  • Mindset Blog – To fear less, become more dangerous!

Do you need a task not listed, feel free to Contact us!

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