Holy Smokes, I just did some math…

Hey y’all… to the 6 people who may read this…

A quick update, I have not given this blog any love for a long time.

We took some time to review the cases we have worked on since our start in 2017. It looks like we are around 480 cases total, criminal and civil.

  • 107 Assaults
  • 22 DUII
  • 3 Embezzlements
  • 3 Kidnapping
  • 24 Trespass/Stalking/Restraining Order
  • 13 Drug related Crimes
  • 8 Manslaughter/Murder
  • 89 Sex Abuse/Rape
  • 3 Robbery
  • 43 Theft/Property Crimes
  • 27 Weapons Related Crimes
  • 2 Animal Abuse
  • 36 Disorderly/Menacing/Harassment
  • 2 Sexual Harassment, work place, civil
  • 14 Probate/Lost Heirs
  • 13 Surveillance Cases – Family and Insurance Cases
  • 21 Civil Compromises

This list is not exhaustive, but it is a good representation the work we have completed. Right now the team has approximately 60 active cases, ranging from bar fights to a double murder. We currently have cases in Deschutes, Crook, Jefferson, Harney, and Lake Counties.

We have a total of 5 investigators on the team… it is a real team, with real people… We love our team and have worked hard to develop a team of diverse characters with widely varied expertise.

Thanks for checking out this update… now I need to get some billable hours in!

Author: WhiteChocolateNinja

Ex-Cop, Ex-Roughneck, Ex-Florist, Ex-Realtor, Ex-Insurance/Financial Products Guy, Ex-Powder Monkey, I finally grew up and now am a Private Investigator.

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